Line Rider rocks my socks

October 25, 2006

DeviantArt is a treasure-trove of excellent artwork, but once in a while you come across something special. Today, that something is Line Rider, a still-in-beta game that lets your little character bobsled down a course you draw for him with a pen.

There’s no eraser, though, a point which makes the game significantly more difficult than you might imagine.

Go give the game a quick play – just a minute or two – because the story gets better. See, Line Rider is hard. That little guy is really difficult to play tricks with: he’s always falling off his sled, going off course or generally just playing with your mind.

So when someone puts together a video like this, it’s soul-crushing. Yes, I feel like a tiny, tiny man:


One Response to “Line Rider rocks my socks”

  1. c4p3n Says:

    I’m pretty much addicted to this game. And your right, you feel inferior after seeing a video like this and you know that you can barely make him go down one slope without coming off his sled.

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