OGame: free, web browser-based crack

October 26, 2006

<3 OGame.I used to play StarKingdoms, a lot. In fact, more than could possibly be healthy: by the time I’d finished in the seventh grade, I was logging five or six hours per day in that game. Then came Raging Universe, which provided faster service, nicer people and more mature gameplay.

Raging universe was fun, but I eventually tired of it just the same – but not before winning the title of undisputed “Honor Leader” in at least one game. Yeah, I’m sad like that.

Years later, I return to find that the state of browser-based games has vastly improved in the form of OGame, which can be fairly described as pure hypertext addiction. This game is amazing.

It’s OGame is a simple game of galactic conquest, played from your browser. Unlike most other games in the genre, building up your empire is hard: getting started required fifteen minutes’ work, but even constructing your first space-ship is an effort that takes days of careful preparation. Combat is sweet – “turtling” and excessive defence is a waste of time, because the costs of being invaded are very, very high – and extremely complex, with the widest range of options I’ve ever seen

My favourite part, though, is the wonderful interface. Time-based actions, such as construction and research, are accompanied by a simple JavaScript timer that counts down in real time, letting you always know exactly how long the action has remaining. It’s a very nice upgrade, and I’m glad to see it.

Oh, and it’s very pretty.

I should be studying for my German exam, but this is just too damn good. Vielleicht soll ich studieren aber das macht zu viel Spass. :(


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