Line Rider cures headaches, crushes souls

October 27, 2006

So, I finished my Physics exam this morning, which was nice. The three hour orgy of quantum, projectile motion and semiconductors – and other buzzwords beside! – left me tired and headachey, as all good exams do. It was an easy exam, though, which is more unusual.

But that’s alright: where it failed to crush my soul, I filled the gap with more videos of people who can actually play Line Rider. Joy.

Hmm..: So the title of this post was originally "Liner Rider...". I only realised that it was a typo after half a dozen people found their way to this page via google - because for some reason, it was the very first hit on Google for "liner rider". Fancy that.


One Response to “Line Rider cures headaches, crushes souls”

  1. Mikey W Says:

    Woah. Thats really nifty.
    keep up the good work

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