An exciting few days

November 7, 2006

Well, these last three or four days have been extremely tiring. Where to start?

Firstly, and by far the most important (to me, at least), is that I’ve finished my school exams. As of today, I’ve made the great shift from being a simple high school student, to my new life as an unemployed bum. Or rather, I would have made that shift, if I didn’t have a job — that kinda through a spanner in the works on the “unemployed” thing.

Secondly, I was accepted for admin coaching.. and promptly screwed up on newpage patrol, leading to what can only be described as “a bit of a tiff.” It’s now resolved, and I now know exactly how and why I went wrong, but it was unfortunate all the same. I’ll be taking experience into account a lot in the future.

Thirdly, I was slashdotted when I blogged about a piece of breaking news at Wikipedia. My original blog post, which something like 2,000 people would have seen and produced the inaccurate headline that still graces the slashdot story, was corrected after User:Hoary at Wikipedia pointed out the errors I’d made in my reporting — I also apologised to Benis for not being more careful originally, as noted by Ars Technica’s rebuttal of my post.

I read Ars daily and I’m a regular at the OpenForum, so I’d encourage you all to read that: Nate Anderson makes a very good point, and does it well. My original post was wildly inaccurate in places, but I stand by the current revision: I now believe it’s significantly more accurate than before, but as always, I’d encourage you to read the opposing view above. It’s dishonest to expect people to take my word, without having a chance to read its rebuttal.

At the end of the day, I was left with an obscenely large amount of traffic and a faint fuzzy feeling. Right now, the traffic graph looks like this:

Insane traffic graph

From that graph, you might be able to distinguish a tiny bump in the middle-left. I was really impressed when I got to that bump. That bump represented two days with 150 hits apiece, or more then 80% of my traffic up until yesterday. As of now, my blog has been viewed 12,351 times since it was created two weeks ago, and well over 10,000 of those views were yesterday.


And with that, I think I’ll go on newpage patrol for a bit long. It’s slightly more productive than playing ultraviolent video games, no matter what they say.


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