Urge to kill… rising.

November 14, 2006

The United States, that famously litigiously society, can only be as screwed up as the people that live there. For the most part they’re just fine, like anyone else, but it’s stories like this that make me despair for the superpower.

The suit between two teenagers the parents of two teenagers over a lost iPod has finally come to a close, after going on since last spring/summer. For those of you catching up on the story, 14-year-old Shannon Derrick lent her new iPod nano to her friend Stephanie Eick to listen to on their last day of middle school in June.

The end result of the above was that the iPod disappeared, despite Stephanie’s claim to have returned it her desk. The parents of Shannon sued those of Stephanie (because that’s always a reasonable solution to the problem), then, when they were awarded Stephenie’s 11-month old iPod Video as a replacement, called the award an “insult.”


Excuse me, but I feel a terrible urge to scream obscenities at these people — and yet the story gets better. The iPod is now being auctioned off to raise funds for Junior Crimestoppers, loaded with just one song: “It is Twisted.” Surely “Dead Souls” by Joy Division would have been more appropriate?


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