Citizendium “chugging along”, reaches 300 users

November 21, 2006

A few weeks ago, on the 9th of November, we took the time to speak with Larry Sanger, the founder of the Wikipedia alternative known as Citizendium. In that interview, Sanger told us that the project had already passed 230 usernames, although only two-thirds of those were actually wikieditors. In addition, the new Wiki by that point had reached 80 “live” articles, meaning that they had reached a level of quality deemed acceptable for the release version of Citizendium.

Well, as of the 18th, just nine days later, Citizendium had jumped forward to over 300 live articles — that’s an additional 24 every day — and 300 active wikieditors, all of whom are registered using their real names and credentials. In just a little under a fortnight, Citizendium has made an impressive amount of progress. Significantly more than Wikipedia was making at this point in its life cycle, in fact.

I’m really excited to hear about this, because it seems like the new project has a genuine shot at prominence. Although at this rate it would take just a little under 160 years for Citizendium to produce a “live” version of every single Wikipedia article, the increasing rate of growth suggests that it may only be a few months before we see a major public release.

The number of active users appears to be increasing swiftly too, now that Citizendium has lowered the bar for new user applications. People wishing to join now need only provide their real names and a short bio that would be posted on their userpages; Sanger’s project is trying hard to fight the notion that Wikipedia editors are anonymous and unaccountable, by demanding that its own users be accountable in the sense of providing real information about themselves.

We’ll check back later to see how they’re doing, but I’m seriously looking forward to a public release of the project. If they can produce a few thousand really excellent articles, properly sourced and verifiable, I wouldn’t be surprised if lecturers and teachers alike begin to refer their students to this new alternative. Then, if Wikipedia ever introduced that “stable versions” feature we’ve been waiting for for months, things could become very interesting indeed.


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