Wikimedia Commons exceeds 1,000,000 media files

November 30, 2006

The 1.5 million articles now available at the English Wikipedia is impressive enough (the lucky page was an article on the Kanab Ambersnail), but it’s astounding that just a week later the Wikimedia Commons project received its one millionth media file since it was founded in September 2004.

Commons collects free content media files for use in various Wikimedia Foundation projects, such as the various versions of Wikipedia, Wiktionary, Wikinews and so on. Launched in September 2004, it took just under fifteen months to reach the magic one millionth file at an average rate of over two thousand additions per day.

And how will the Commons folks celebrate such an achievement? With a bloody big mosaic:

So congratulations to Wikimedia Commons on archiving so many media files in such a tiny amount of time.

OH! Before I forget, what was the one millionth file? A picture of Singapore Zoo, uploaded at exactly 09:42 November 30, 2006 (exactly five minutes ago) that’s what:



4 Responses to “Wikimedia Commons exceeds 1,000,000 media files”

  1. Mike42 Says:

    That’s pretty sweet…. so….. 10,000,000th coming up any time soon? — Mike Billington

  2. […] Daveydweeb reports that after it start in September 2004, the millionth file was of the Singapore Zoo. […]


    […] Minder bekend maar minstens zo leuk als Wikipedia: WikiMedia Commons, een van de andere projecten van de WikiMedia Foundation en dus zusje van de encyclopedie. En zusje wordt groot, want ze haalde vandaag haar miljoenste media-bestand binnen: deze foto van de dierentuin in Singapore, volgens […]

  4. […] As of just a few hours ago, the English Wikipedia has passed 100,000,000 edits made by its users. The milestone, while not as significant as 1.5 million articles or 1 million media files, does raise a few interesting points about the website. […]

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