Citizendium founder calls for logos

December 12, 2006

Four days ago, Larry Sanger publically called for submissions to the Citizendium logo contest, hoping to find a replacement to the site’s current one (which can be viewed here). Unfortunately, his request was burdened with two problems, which I believe need to be addressed before this contest will be really successful.

Firstly, the original is really quite attractive, and needs only minor changes to suit the public project. It meets every one of his specifications, bar one:

(1) The logo should be simple and elegant and easily reproducible in black
and white.

(2) Our tagline, “The Citizens’ Compendium”, is probably important to
include at this early stage. The current logo has the tagline wrong. It’s
not “The Citizen Compendium” and also not “The Citizen’s Compendium.”

(3) What feelings, concepts, etc., should a simple and abstract logo convey?
In no particular order: curiosity, intellectual excitement, knowledge,
wisdom, precision, reliability, credibility, solidity, collaboration,
explosive growth (we can hope!), interconnectedness, freedom.probably not
all at once!

The only one of these points that the current Citizendium logo doesn’t meet is the second one: it needs two extra characters.

Oh noes.

It’s an interesting request, and I’ll be keeping an eye on what new suggestions crop up, but I’m very skeptical about how necessary it is in the first place. Why not just make a minor change to the current concept, rather than tearing it to the ground and starting afresh?


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