Still not dead

January 29, 2007

On Saturday my iBook returned from repairs after the excellent logicboard failure, ready to be abused once more. Poor thing.

Fortunately for it, I haven’t really been around all that much in recent days: the week without internet access at either my house or Alexis’ has taken its toll on my usually-blazing need for connectivity, and I’ve been pretty damn lax about getting online. In penitence, I’ve downloaded a trial copy of ecto, a handy cross-platform application that will hopefully let me avoid WordPress’ ass of a web interface. From my parents’ basement in Wyoming, I stab at thee.

One feature I want to try out is quoting. Here I go, wish me luck:

Did it work?


Anyway, staying on the interweb front, Alexis’ aging PC is finally being retired. On an impulse, she invested in a 1.67 Ghz Mac Mini with a gigabyte of RAM (after I spent three hours working out the bloody obvious: that not one single retailer in Canberra reliably stocks the low-end Mini, including Mac1). The benefits here are that it’ll be significantly faster and more stable than her current 2.4Ghz P4-based system, that it can run Windows if she decides that she doesn’t like OS X, and that it’s all cool and stuff.

Finally, Objective-C is making me its bitch, and I’m starting to see the wisdom of Mikal‘s advice to start with something like Python. I’d rather like to write a script for Adium or some other instant messenger, preferably to tie in somehow with my activity at Wikipedia (which has obviously been rather limited of late…). We’ll see, I first need to be bothered installing gtalkbot to try it out.

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