And now, the suggestions

February 3, 2007

Based on the response I received to my previous post on the matter, I’ve posted some detailed suggestions for improvement in the Citizendium forums. Both Larry Sanger and Mike Johnson remarked on the tone of the original post, so I thought it might help to provide some actual methods for improvement.

Update: Larry rejected my post about this on the Citizendium-l mailing list.
“Your message was deemed inappropriate by the moderator.”

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One Response to “And now, the suggestions”

  1. Mathias Schindler Says:

    Don’t worry about rejected posts to citizendium-l, it happened to me, too. Usually, Larry comes up with a brand new idea several days later that deals with the issue in question. Praising CZ in an inappropriate way will not be rejected in any way. You shouldn’t take that personally :).


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