Many minds, one novel? Wiki tries to create art

February 5, 2007

Many minds, one novel? Wiki tries to create art:

Students at the UK’s De Montfort University in Leicester have joined forces with Penguin to launch a “novel wiki.” The project, which will run throughout the month of February, is designed to see if thousands of users can do as good a job at creating a fictional narrative as they can at describing the Jetsons. Several days into the project, it sadly (and predictably) looks like they cannot.

Interesting story. I particularly love the paragraph full of Ars references that Nate refers to in the article, reproduced here:

He stared at the stars wheeling past, the Milky Way flowing out beyond him like a pail kicked over by a farmer. A satellite swam into view, arced across the sky, disappeared once more. He wondered what it might be like to live up there on an Orbiting HQ in near-earth orbit, to fall constantly, to know no gravity, to be the king of the tiniest nation. He thought of other nations–mighty Rome built on the banks of the Tiber–and of how some idiot on an elephant always showed up to try and bring such countries down. Ah, but his own country, the smallish metal capsule that he imagined for himself, would not fall prey to such a fate. For one thing, elephants had yet to fly. For another, the Orbiting HQ would have lasers. Red lasers.



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