Making Approval not suck

February 6, 2007

I’ve started to put my money where my oversized mouth is, and fix some of the problems currently present at Citizendium. Tonight, I put together a centralised list of current nominations, organised chronologically, so that editors can easily keep track of articles that need review — and a straightforward method of adding to it. It may not sound like much, but compared to what we had previously it is a big step forward. The process is a modified version of Wikipedia’s editor review process, which I helped to set up based in turn on the RfA nomination process.

Check it out here, or read the post I made about it on the forum. I also sent the following email to the Citizendium-L mailing list:

Hello, world,

Further to the discussion I started in the forums regarding my
criticism of the Citizendium Approval process, I’ve addressed one of
my major concerns directly by creating a centralised, chronological
list of article nominations here:

Please take a look at that page — and the pages that the input box
links to — as well as the example I’ve provided (for “Biology”, since
it’s as convenient as any), and consider posting your opinion in the
forum thread, which can be found here:,514.0.html


Let’s hope this is a step forward.

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