O-Week starts tomorrow

February 11, 2007

O-Week at ANU begins tomorrow, and sounds like it’ll be a lot of fun. The timetable includes a number of things I’d like to attend, although due to SA and CGGS work, uni preparations and my current maths course, I’m only going to be able to attend a few. Photos may be posted… but without a camera, probably not.

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12 Responses to “O-Week starts tomorrow”

  1. Christopher Says:

    Yay! Are you excited? I am.

    I’ll probably be there for the whole of Monday, and some of Friday. I didn’t read the timetable terribly extensively, but I didn’t see anything of much interest in between those two days.

    I wonder if I’ll see you there!

  2. daveydweeb Says:

    I’m guessing that Union Court will be pretty full during those days.. there are a LOT of new undergrads starting, so I wouldn’t at all be surprised if we passed like ships in the night.

    On that note, parking is going to be hell.

    I’ll be there from at least 9am on Monday to collect my books and a parking voucher, as well as checking in at the SA and seeing both the Welfare Officer and Student Services (being paid to take notes from my own lectures? Damn right I’m interested!) — it’s looking like quite the busy day.

    Apart from that, I’m vaguely interested in Carnival Day, I’ll certainly be at Market Day, and I have orientation lectures for two hours on Thursday. Quelle fun. :)

  3. Christopher Says:

    Well, I’m posting this from just outside the
    ANU library. The WiFi, is… exceptional.

  4. daveydweeb Says:

    I’m in line for food now. :P

  5. Christopher Says:

    There didn’t seem to be as many people as I thought there would be, but yet we still ‘passed like ships in the night.’

    Bugger. :P

  6. daveydweeb Says:

    Are you still here? I am, and with laptop in hand. :)

  7. daveydweeb Says:

    At the end of the bbq line, in Union Court (ie, at the opposite end from the co-op bookshop). Look for a white computer in the hands of someone in black.

  8. Christopher Says:

    Are you at the tents yet?

  9. daveydweeb Says:

    Behind ’em, on the grass now.

  10. Christopher Says:

    Gawd, I can’t see you.

  11. daveydweeb Says:

    Well, where are YOU? :P

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