Apparently, I’m awesome

March 10, 2007

Or so says Jonathon Stokes, the co-founder of a hitherto unknown-to-me site called ValueWiki. Look, I’m up there at number 1! (Err, technically that’s Wikipedia Weekly, not me. But I get a personal mention.. that counts for something, right?)

Indeed, that’s a pretty good list to look at, and I follow a number of blogs that it lists. Among the others that get a mention are Citizendium’s official blog at number three, Geoff Burling (one of the most knowledgeable Wikipedians I know), and, surprisingly enough, Jimmy Wales. Jimmy rarely posts to his blog, but it’s usually worth reading when he does.

To go a little beyond this list, I could also point to Wikimedias who blog at Meta, or better yet, the very excellent sites Wiki Blog Planet (which seems to be identical to Open Wiki Blog Planet) and Planet Wikimedia.

Go subscribe to some lists, or something. In the meantime, I’ll ponder the question: is Jonathon Stokes the Jonathon Stokes?


4 Responses to “Apparently, I’m awesome”

  1. David Gerard Says:

    Open WikiBlogPlanet is a bit different to the main WikiBlogPlanet, in that you can in fact “Edit This Planet.” So far I’ve been doing most of the feed-adding … Nick Jenkins set up Open after the main one was starting to resemble a work bottleneck. And that’s not what we have wikis for.

  2. daveydweeb Says:

    Aah, I hadn’t noticed that link. :)

  3. llywrch Says:

    Thanks for the mention, but I don’t know if I deserve the compliment of “one of the most knowledgeable Wikipedians”, inasmuch as I learned about that list on meta from you. Reading your post, in fact.


  4. daveydweeb Says:

    It’s ironic, Geoff, that I only learned about that list.. err, yesterday. :D

    Enough of this modesty.

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