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How nerdy

February 13, 2007

So, I meet up with the friend I was looking for yesterday — Christopher — at the ANU today, and we rocked around for a while, looking for the supposed “Carnival Day” today. In the course of that, we discovered a few things:

  1. ANU’s wireless sucks under load, since it’s only a 54Mbps connection. I get around 15KB/s over the net, though, so it’s acceptable.
  2. Apple don’t sell iSights anymore. This is a bad thing.
  3. The carnival was hidden behind the Chifley library, and was tiny.
  4. For some reason, the carnival featured — among other things — an Apple stall. They saw the iBook, and gave me a free iTunes card. Good thing I didn’t show them the Linux installation.

So, interesting day.

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Still not dead

January 29, 2007

On Saturday my iBook returned from repairs after the excellent logicboard failure, ready to be abused once more. Poor thing.

Fortunately for it, I haven’t really been around all that much in recent days: the week without internet access at either my house or Alexis’ has taken its toll on my usually-blazing need for connectivity, and I’ve been pretty damn lax about getting online. In penitence, I’ve downloaded a trial copy of ecto, a handy cross-platform application that will hopefully let me avoid WordPress’ ass of a web interface. From my parents’ basement in Wyoming, I stab at thee.

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I just watched my laptop die

January 15, 2007


So at 11.30 this morning, I was busily surfing the net and otherwise wasting my life, when suddenly something strange happened. The screen of my 18-month old iBook began to display a “comb” of vertical lines across both it and the external monitor I had attached. It’s difficult to explain: the screen now displays a series of shifting vertical lines (they shift whenever the image changes, like every time I type a character) which persist indefinitely.

I restarted my computer, and they were still there. Hell, one screen still displayed a pattern of vertical lines that still displayed the image that had been in place before I shut down the machine.

TechTool Deluxe 3.0.1, the recovery software that came with my extended warranty, was unable to detect any hardware faults at all: specifically, it passed the CPU, RAM and VRAM checks (almost everything else was I/O-related). This leads me to believe that I watched my motherboard fry itself to death.

Here’s a cropped screenshot (yes, it shows up in screenshots):

My laptop is now non-operational (well, screwed; I’m using it now, but it’s hardly what I’d call “fun”)… just like Alexis’ computer, her dad’s printer, and my printer.

So much broken hardware, all at once. :(

Update: Goddamnit! The problem is only intermittent… which is probably going to make fixing this so much harder.