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Still not dead

January 29, 2007

On Saturday my iBook returned from repairs after the excellent logicboard failure, ready to be abused once more. Poor thing.

Fortunately for it, I haven’t really been around all that much in recent days: the week without internet access at either my house or Alexis’ has taken its toll on my usually-blazing need for connectivity, and I’ve been pretty damn lax about getting online. In penitence, I’ve downloaded a trial copy of ecto, a handy cross-platform application that will hopefully let me avoid WordPress’ ass of a web interface. From my parents’ basement in Wyoming, I stab at thee.

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My “holy crap” moment for the day

October 29, 2006

So, holding down the control-key while scrolling with the mouse wheel zooms in, as of Mac OS X 10.4.8. This is a piece of functionality that I’ve often wanted for one reason or another, but have never used because it’s been too clunky to use until now.

Huh. Who knew about this handy little shortcut?