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Chinese unblocking of Wikipedia promotes massive growth

November 13, 2006

Via Andrew Lih, also of Wikipedia Weekly:

The recent total unblocking of Wikipedia in the PRC has prompted a sudden rise in new user registrations and article creations: from one of the smaller versions of the online encyclopedia, the Chinese edition has jumped to over 2,000 new users per day, second only to the English version. 2% of all Chinese users registered in the last 3 days!

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An opposing view

November 6, 2006

ArsTechnica’s Nate Anderson takes a look at my recent blog post and the attention it’s received. His response is considered, intelligent and accurate as far as I can see, and certainly an interesting opposing view to my own.

From the article:

A long-standing article on the little-known “NPA theory” of personality was recently deleted from Wikipedia after editors realized that the piece had been authored by the creator of the theory, a doctor named Anthony Benis. Critics are already pointing to the case as an example of Wikipedia’s problems, arguing that allowing a “hoax” article to persist for so long only shows how open Wikipedia is to “vandalism.” But a closer look reveals a more complicated story.

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What is wrong with this picture?

October 31, 2006

Trawling through Google News this evening, I found a headline that was… well, interesting. What is wrong with the following statement?

Wikipedia to sell content

The journalist in question, Guilherme Felitti, is referring to Jimmy Wales’ $100M “Dream a little” email, in which he ask the community for ideas on what content they would buy for a hundred million dollars and make free to the world. Presumably, Wikipedia would purchase the copyright licenses for valuable content and make it available for free download in the public domain. The article even says so, in the first sentence:

Wikipedia is considering a plan to purchase copyright content and make it available under public domain.

The problem here is that an editor appears to have used the word “sell” when they really mean to say “buy”. The headline totally contradicts the rest of the article as it currently stands.

Funny things happen when people don’t fully understand a situation, and they become even funnier when those people are journalists – it’s just the nature of their work. They need to put together stories in a reasonable time, often on a subject with which they don’t have much experience, and mistake happens.

But this was a little silly.

She demands it, it shall be so

October 30, 2006

Alexis and I.Alexis demands that I post about her on this blog, saying that I pay too little attention to my darling, gorgeous girlfriend.

So, here’s a picture of us two, taken some time ago. It isn’t the best photo of us two, but it is one of the best I have of her, and definitely demonstrates her charming personality and incredible good looks.


New domain name!

October 30, 2006

Ladies and gentlemen, is no more.

No, the site can now be found at — much easier to remember, I think you’ll agree.