How nerdy

February 13, 2007

So, I meet up with the friend I was looking for yesterday — Christopher — at the ANU today, and we rocked around for a while, looking for the supposed “Carnival Day” today. In the course of that, we discovered a few things:

  1. ANU’s wireless sucks under load, since it’s only a 54Mbps connection. I get around 15KB/s over the net, though, so it’s acceptable.
  2. Apple don’t sell iSights anymore. This is a bad thing.
  3. The carnival was hidden behind the Chifley library, and was tiny.
  4. For some reason, the carnival featured — among other things — an Apple stall. They saw the iBook, and gave me a free iTunes card. Good thing I didn’t show them the Linux installation.

So, interesting day.

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Standing in line, how interesting

February 12, 2007

At the risk of inadvertently lifeblogging, I’m standing in the middle of Union Court at the ANU, waiting for a sausage from the sausage sizzle. They don’t appear to be selling any, though — I sense a conspiracy.

In other news, my recent post on Citizendium was the 21st most popular WordPress post of the day, yesterday. :)

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A self-portrait of our society

February 11, 2007

From the Top 100 list of the most-viewed pages at Wikipedia:

Does anyone else find humour in the juxtaposition of these three articles?

O-Week starts tomorrow

February 11, 2007

O-Week at ANU begins tomorrow, and sounds like it’ll be a lot of fun. The timetable includes a number of things I’d like to attend, although due to SA and CGGS work, uni preparations and my current maths course, I’m only going to be able to attend a few. Photos may be posted… but without a camera, probably not.

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Wikipedia Weekly 11 finally recorded

February 10, 2007

Now that internet connectivity has been restored to Taiwan and mainland China, we’ve been able to spend some time with Andrew Lih recording the next episode of Wikipedia Weekly. The topics of conversation included comparisons between the Microsoft, MyWikiBiz and AstroTurf controversies; new board hires; the recent fundraiser; and, of course, Citizendium.

Since the last release, though, we’ve averaged 550-600 downloads for each episodes, with Episode 1 way out in front with just under a thousand. We’ll try to get back to those numbers now that we’re able to return to a regular release schedule.

There’s no hubris at Citizendium

February 10, 2007

No, seriously, the article on “hubris” is still missing from the encyclopedia. This is despite Larry’s email of February 3, specifically requesting that the article be created.

Just sayin’.

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I’m blinded by awesome

February 10, 2007

What can I say, but: less than three.  Srsly.

The highlight of the video would be this:

Less than three, O-M-G,
Love computer fantasy,
Meet me here on IRC,

You’ll never find this at Wikipedia

February 9, 2007

Choosing a horse – Citizendium Pilot:

Choosing a horse means making a large commitment, larger than is involved in obtaining any other common domestic animal. Horses are long lived, “high-maintenance” creatures that are almost always much easier to buy than to sell. Any new horse owner is best off tackling the task of finding that first horse with the help of real professionals, including the teachers and trainers that know her riding skills and personality. But, like with every other important decision, the final choice is up to the individual making it. Armed with knowledge, the novice horse-buyer is in a better position to navigate the process of finding, buying, and settling in the right horse. This article reviews some of the basic advice that has been published by equestrians on those topics.

The above is the introduction of an article that you will never see on Wikipedia, highlighting one of the prime differences between Larry Sanger’s Citizendium and its predecessor; the former relies on the oft-debated concept of “notability”, whereas the former simply relies on verifiability. Essentially, the site will accept any information, provided its possible to prove it.

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Citizendium since the slashdotting

February 9, 2007

Following on from the recent slashdotting of Citizendium, I thought it might be worth breaking down the numbers to see how they’re faring since the article ran. They appear to have weathered the ‘Slashdot effect’, which involves ten of thousands of geeks descending upon a page in a short space of time (usually bringing it to its knees in the process), but how has the publicity affected the project itself?

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Good luck!

February 9, 2007

Just a note to wish the best of luck to Geoffrey, who’ll be undergoing surgery tomorrow. Geoffrey is a very long-term Wikipedian, involved with the project for aeons longer than I have been, and his posts are always worth a read for someone interested in his years of experience.

Good luck! Hope things go well, and without complications.

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